Drought stress in Catalan forests can now be readily predicted

A study led by the Forest Science Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), in collaboration with CREAF, enables to assess drought stress for Catalan tree species at regional scale by coupling forest inventory data with mathematical models. This will make it possible to anticipate and mitigate drought effects, promoting the health...
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Integrating ecological models to secure the future of biodiversity across flammable continents

Wednesday, 20/01/2016. 11h30 Speaker: Luke Kelly (postdoctoral researcher in CTFC Landscape Ecology department) Summary Fire is a natural process that shapes ecosystems worldwide. However, the frequency of fires has been modified by climate change and population growth, and inappropriate fire regimes threaten biodiversity in Australia and the Mediterranean Basin. There...
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Adult training on handicraft production of medicinal and aromatic plants goes ahead with the design of its syllabus

After the study of the sector needs, the design of the herbs craft production course syllabus is being implemented thanks to Herbartis project. Led by Spain and embodied by the Forest Science Center of Catalonia (CTFC), this project aims to strengthen new learning possibilities of herbal craftsmen Everybody interested...
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