Modeling thinning effects on water competition and growth in a holm oak coppice (Quercus ilex L.)

Wednesday, February 3 2016. 11h30.  CTFC Speaker: Antoine Cabon, (predoctoral researcher CEMFOR-CTFC/CREAF). Summary: Thinning effects on water competition and secondary growth were monitored for 30 years in the south of France in a Holm oak coppice. The reduction of wàter stress as a result of opening the forest cover increased stem...
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Drought stress in Catalan forests can now be readily predicted

A study led by the Forest Science Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), in collaboration with CREAF, enables to assess drought stress for Catalan tree species at regional scale by coupling forest inventory data with mathematical models. This will make it possible to anticipate and mitigate drought effects, promoting the health...
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