Agrotecnio and the CTFC obtain the maximum qualification in the call CERCA GINYS III to collaborate in the development of scientific infrastructures

20 May 2024

Agrotecnio and CTFC, the two CERCA centres of the province of Lleida working in the field of agri-food, forest sciences and environment have obtained the maximum qualification in the third CERCA GINYS call with a joint candidature to improve the development of their scientific infrastructures.

At the end of 2023, the CERCA institution launched the third CERCA GINYS call for its centres to reinforce the development of scientific infrastructures. With this call, endowed with more than one million euros, CERCA seeks to improve the system’s infrastructures through the acquisition of shared equipment between two or more centres. In the resolution, published at the beginning of May 2024, it has been determined that five projects will receive funding, of which the one from the Lleida centres occupies the first place.

Agrotecnio and the CTFC applied to acquire a compact VNIR, a hyperspectral imaging system for remote sensing equipped with a lightweight LiDAR plus a high-precision LiDAR with multiple returns coupled to a high-resolution RGB camera for an amount of €245,000.

More information about the CERCA GINYS III

Last modified: 20 May 2024