CTFC hosts the 3rd Research School on Forest Ecology and Management 

2 November 2022

Last week CTFC hosted the JRU CTFC-Agrotecnio 3rd Research School on Forest Ecology and Management 

The Research School aimed at improving PhD’s skills in scientific presentations and fostering collaboration between the two institutions 

The Joint Research Unit (JRU) CTFC-Agrotecnio on Forest Ecology and Management celebrated its 3rd Research School at CTFC on the 27th and 28th of October, bringing together junior and senior researchers from the CTFC and Agrotecnio.  

Organized by and for PhD students from the JRU, the third edition of this gathering aimed at improving their skills to present and discuss research results in an academic environment and encourage cooperation and collaboration between doctoral students from both institutions.  

During the two-day gathering, the attendees listened to over 15 talks by PhD students of the JRU, where they also provided constructive feedback to the PhD students on their presentation skills; celebrated a debate to promote communication skills and critical thinking; and participated in the workshop “Effective scientific presentations” by Alan Crivellaro from the University of Cambridge.  

The organizers received very positive feedback from the participants on the organization of the event, which will be organized again next year by a team of PhD students from the JRU.  

Constituted in 2019, the CTFC-Agrotecnio JRU aims to develop joint projects on the management of Mediterranean forests and the environmental threats that affect them.

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