Irina Cristal presents a decision support framework for holistic forest management in her thesis defence

22 March 2024

The challenge of managing forests amidst global changes requires holistic approaches, yet existing decision support tools are often limited to specific tasks. While forest policies promote adaptability and sustainability, these concepts are poorly translated into decision processes. In her doctoral dissertation, Irina Cristal, a predoctoral researcher in the Precision Forestry – New tools for forestry decision making group from the Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) has translated policy demands into practical methods, providing a tangible framework to address forest management decision complexities.

Cristal defended her doctoral thesis entitled “A decision support framework for holistic forest management: bridging policy and practice” on Thursday, 21st March, at the CTFC auditorium. The thesis was co-supervised by CTFc researchers Dr. Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo and Dr. José Ramón González Olabarría under the industrial doctoral initiative of the FBS program and tutored by Dr. Cristina Vega from Universitat de Lleida.

Last modified: 22 March 2024