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19 June 2023

The XXXV International Coordinating Council of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MaB) Program has formalized the MedMaB Thematic Network of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves. The...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceBioproductsNews |

9 June 2023

The project will develop a new system that will enable customers buying wood products to track them all the way back to the individual trees in the forest from which they were...

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Multifunctional forest managementNewsSocial economy |

8 June 2023

About forty experts in silvopastoralism from Catalonia, Castilla y León, Extremadura, and France evaluate the opportunities presented by these systems in the current context,...

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BioproductsMultifunctional forest managementNews |

17 May 2023

This week the final conference of the PRIMA WildFood project was held in Solsona. The project was led by the CTFC and studied the value chains of wild edible Mediterranean...

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BiodiversityLandscape dynamics and biodiversityNews |

12 May 2023

The Endesabats project aims to improve the habitat of these species while acquiring further scientific information to contribute to their conservation Once again, researchers from...

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BiodiversityLandscape dynamics and biodiversityNews |

9 May 2023

The study, published in the journal Bird Conservation International, warns that the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events due to climate change represent a threat to...

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Forests and waterMultifunctional forest managementNews |

5 May 2023

Climate change is producing changes in the rainfall regime and global temperature, lengthening and making dry periods more frequent. To better understand how forests can respond...

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BiodiversityBioeconomy, health and governanceBioproductsNews |

3 May 2023

New research shows that high forest productivity is not only the result of how many different species occur in a forest, but also how abundant the species are. Typically, a...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceNews |

2 May 2023

The Netherlands leads by example with collective contracts for these sectors   From April 12 to 14, the last Co-learning Lab of the EFFECT project was held in the province of...

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