BiodiversityBioeconomy, health and governanceNews |

31 August 2023

For the first time, researchers combined human and ecological factors to analyze the global scale of non-​native tree species invasions. Human activity in hotspots of global...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceForest fires and other disturbancesForest scenariosNews |

24 August 2023

The REMAINS model simulates a wide range of fire-related scenarios and their impacts, which can help land managers better understand the interactions between fire and land use. In...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceNews |

20 July 2023

A new study on the abundance and richness of fungi showcases the fungal community in mountain pine forests sensitive to climate change The forests of mountain pine (Pinus...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceForest fires and other disturbancesNews |

12 July 2023

The unequal distribution of wildfire risk in our society is influenced by various factors, such as social vulnerabilities and intersecting forms of inequality, including gender,...

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BiodiversityLandscape dynamics and biodiversityNews |

27 June 2023

 Staff from the Conservation Biology Group at the Forest Science and Technology Center of Catalonia (CTFC) are kicking off an extension of the EndesaBats project in collaboration...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceBioproductsNews |

22 June 2023

Researchers from the Catalan Institute of Wood Incafust – CTFC have participated in the World Conference on Timber Engineering WCTE 2023, held in Oslo (Norway) and...

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BiodiversityBioeconomy, health and governanceNewsSocial economy |

19 June 2023

The XXXV International Coordinating Council of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MaB) Program has formalized the MedMaB Thematic Network of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves. The...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceBioproductsNews |

9 June 2023

The project will develop a new system that will enable customers buying wood products to track them all the way back to the individual trees in the forest from which they were...

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Multifunctional forest managementNewsSocial economy |

8 June 2023

About forty experts in silvopastoralism from Catalonia, Castilla y León, Extremadura, and France evaluate the opportunities presented by these systems in the current context,...

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