Presentation of the VALOR project courses

27 May 2022

On 25 and 26 May, the presentation of the courses for technicians and managers in resilient and sustainable agriculture took place at the Agricultural Training Centres of Alfarràs and Pallars. Within the framework of the presentations, the testing of module 4, Early detection of issues, has started with the participation of 27 people.

Both sessions included an explanatory drone flight for initiation to precision agriculture in the framework of the VALOR project. A 249 g DJI Mini drone was shown as the first steps to use drones and crop monitoring; airborne multispectral sensors with drones, and a methodology for working with the images obtained with the drones.

Module 4-Early detection of issues, discusses the processes to detect stresses, diseases, or nutrition deficiencies in sustainable agriculture. It will present methods to analyse data to detect the above issues and to propose measures to address them, reducing in parallel the consumption of resources.

The module, which consists of 9 hours of online training, includes 4 units:

  • M 4.1 Introduction of precision agriculture use for early detection in agroecology;
  • M 4.2 Data capture;
  • M 4.3 Data processing;
  • M 4.4 Analysis and decision making

Those interested in testing the module can contact


Last modified: 30 May 2022