Cultivating black truffle saves production from a bad season 

5 April 2023

Truffle production has been affected at the state level by the lack of rainfall and high temperatures since May last year. 

Nevertheless, in Catalonia, thanks to cultivation and irrigation support, it has been possible to reach three tons of black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), a slightly lower amount than last season. 

This decline in global production has increased prices, with producers getting an average price of around €500/kg and even higher prices on the international market. 

Catalan truffle production is mostly concentrated in the province of Lleida, where most cultivation has been developed. Catalonia, despite not being a large producer, has a very important weight in exports at the state level. According to data from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Catalonia represents nearly 32% of fresh truffle exports and 57% of preserved truffles in the entire state. Lleida has a market share of almost 70% of Catalan fresh truffle exports. The main recipients are France (27%) and the United States (18%). 


The CTFC and Trufforum present the Catalan truffle in New York 

From March 14 to 17, coinciding with the end of the truffle campaign, Trufforum was held in New York. This year, Trufforum has been held in different locations, starting in Vic in February and will end in Teruel in December. 

In this edition, a delegation of researchers, truffle growers, and chefs from Catalonia, Teruel, Soria, and Occitanie traveled to New York to make the truffle known and promote its use and truffle tourism in the production areas. 

Daniel Oliach, CTFC researcher and director of Trufforum Vic, gave a presentation to raise awareness on the European black truffle, the Catalan territory as a benchmark in terms of production and gastronomy, and the touristic opportunities around the fungus. 

Last modified: 21 June 2023