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Multifunctional forest managementNews |

26 January 2023

Jonàs Oliva, CTFC and UdL researcher, has participated in an international research project that studies the interactive effect of drought and pathogenic infection on the...

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Forest fires and other disturbancesMultifunctional forest management |

17 January 2023

The Mediterranean is one of the endangered areas, after tropical biomes Global warming may extend the season for major forest fires on all continents by at least 30 days in the...

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Forest scenariosNews |

7 November 2022

The network aims to be a meeting point for the generation and exchange of scientific knowledge for the mitigation and adaptation of European forests to climate change.  With the...

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Forest scenarios |

27 July 2022

Experts from CTFC, CREAF, the UB, the UAB and IRTA have written a report for the European Parliament on the potential of agricultural soils to sequester carbon and increasing...

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Forests and water |

30 June 2022

The project, coordinated by CTFC researchers, implemented and transferred the effect of this silviculture in more than 200 ha of peri-urban forests, demonstrating promising...

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Forests and water |

19 July 2021

The Horizon project ONEforest – Multi-criteria decision support system for a common forest management to strengthen forest resilience, harmonise stakeholder interests and ensure...

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Forest fires and other disturbances |

27 April 2021

A team from CTFC, CREAF and INBio-CIBIO of the University of Santiago de Compostela warn that the massive reforestation proposed by the European Union in the Green Deal should be...

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Bioproducts |

25 February 2021

The results of a new study show that by means of a white mulching of the soil and with a small irrigation support, black truffle increases its competitiveness, thus adapting to...

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Biodiversity |

20 November 2020

More than 4,400 terrestrial and freshwater species are threatened by changes in the fire regime. While many species are threatened by the increased frequency and intensity of...

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