The Birds@Farmland initiative presents its final results 

9 December 2022

22 new schemes for the conservation of birds in agricultural environments in Europe 

Birds@Farmland, an initiative of the European Commission with the aim of helping member states to preserve birds in agricultural environments, has presented the final results of the project: 22 new schemes for the conservation of agricultural birds. 

Conservation schemes focus on selected farming systems or emblematic species. Examples of conservation schemes are the creation of margins in herbaceous crops (Italy), or the improvement of the common pigeon’s habitat in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The CTFC has participated in the partnership of the project and has developed two schemes: one focused on the sustainable management of rice, and a second one on the improvement of the steppe habitats of the plain of Lleida. As well as promoting bird conservation, the schemes will also contribute to combating the abandonment and intensification of agricultural land, supporting traditional farming systems. All schemes provide additional benefits to farmers and society, such as soil and water protection, pollination services and reduced chemical pollution. 

The Birds@Farmland initiative, which started in 2020, has worked in partnership with farmers, NGOs, relevant authorities, agricultural advisory services and other relevant actors in each of the participating countries to integrate conservation schemes developed in National Strategic Plans, within the framework of a common agricultural policy (CAP) at European level. 

Last modified: 9 December 2022