The new project EUFORE will provide insights into future forest research and innovation priorities 

25 November 2022

Mireia Pecurul and Elena Górriz have participated in the kick-off meeting of the project European Forest Research and Innovation Ecosystem (EUFORE) celebrated this week in Brussels. The project’s main goal is to provide insight into the future research and innovation priorities of the forest-based sector so that forests overcome the global challenges they face and unlock their full potential, which will allow to reach the EU’s ambitious plans for a sustainable circular bioeconomy.  

EUFORE supports the preparation for a possible European research and innovation Partnership on forests under the Horizon Europe Program. The four-year Horizon-Europe project will assess and outline research and innovation needs and provide a platform for increased R&I cooperation, coordination, and joint funding for forestry and the forest-based sector.  

The consortium, coordinated by the European Forest Institute (EFI), brings together 15 partner organizations from ten countries to develop a sustainable, transnational, and inclusive cooperation platform to engage with a broad range of stakeholders. With them, EUFORE will evaluate, define and co-create a strategic Research and Innovation agenda for forestry and the forest-based sector, as well as accompanying roadmaps, implementation measures, and stakeholder commitments, which will be designed with key relevant actors, in a multi-actor approach.  

The CTFC team will lead the research to pinpoint the trends in forest utilization derived from the analysis of policies that will impact the future of forests in Europe and, will also create a participative framework to guarantee the inclusion of relevant actors in the forestry value chain and forestry ecosystem services.   

Last modified: 25 November 2022