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Forest fires and other disturbancesNewsResilient landscapes |

1 December 2023

New network launched at a reception attended by His Majesty King Charles III, ahead of COP28 in Dubai, UAE.   The new initiative led by the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance and...

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Forest fires and other disturbancesMultifunctional forest managementNews |

8 November 2023

A study led by the CTFC, the UdL and the Joint Research Unit CTFC-Agrotecnio-CERCA analyses the regeneration of 268 forest fires over almost three decades. The duration of a...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceForest fires and other disturbancesNews |

17 March 2023

27 researchers and practitioners presented their work on different aspects of Integrated Fire Management, including the doctoral research of 13 Early-Stage Researchers funded by...

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Bioeconomy, health and governanceForest fires and other disturbancesNews |

16 February 2023

Over three decades of data are analyzed to determine the effect of climate teleconnections on wildfires and burned area in different regions of the planet.  Climate...

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Forest fires and other disturbancesForests and water |

30 November 2022

The simulations of resistance to droughts and fires carried out by the researchers include real data of the forest structure at the tree and undergrowth scale.  The burning of...

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Forest fires and other disturbances |

25 October 2022

The research examines how fires cause a change in soil microbial communities, which play a fundamental role in the carbon and nutrient cycles of forests  A study carried out by...

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Forests and water |

7 July 2021

Forests with temperate species –typical of areas with 4 seasons– are expected to experience a significant decline if the increase in the average temperature of the...

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Socioeconomics |

8 January 2020

By Carmen Rodriguez, EFIMED-CTFC Photo: Gerard Fernández CTFC invited different SIMRA project stakeholders to a Validation Workshop in Solsona on 4 December 2019. In this...

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